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We are committed to our team’s well-being, fostering loyalty and driving success.

Ready to bring your vision to life? Our expert software engineering team is here to help you build, launch, and scale your digital products and services. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need a hand to get across the finish line, we’ve got you covered with flexible and innovative solutions that deliver results.

We help businesses get things DONE!

Ready to bring your vision to life? Our expert software engineering team is here to help you build, launch, and scale your digital products and services. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need a hand to get across the finish line, we’ve got you covered with flexible and innovative solutions that deliver results.

Our VISION is to Build Long-term, Trusted Relationships, to differentiate ourselves and our clients by not being just another consultancy or ‘software body-shop’. We are equipped with experience, armed with proficiency, and guided by responsibility. We are on a MISSION to ensure Our Clients’ Success.

We are industry leaders

Our team of experts

We bring you and your organisation highly proficient TEAMS for successful E2E delivery of your Product

We provide teams representing EXCELLENCE in their skills and EXPERTISE that can contribute to your goals and targets.

  • We are NOT consultancy or a body shop. We ARE a Team of subject matter experts, specialised in Fintech Industry
  • Our team is fully integrable with the structure your business follows
  • Make us a key component of your team and see your success grow

Subject matter: Cyber security, Payments, Identity, Blockchain, Crypto, Micro-services, Machine learning, Java, Python, Tech Evangelist

What Makes Us Unique: Standing Out in Resource Management

We are not just consultants who stand by and take your order. We make sure that your vision becomes reality and take the extra step to show you any and all areas in which you can improve your target product. We consider this to be a sign of our devotion to delivering excellence through our team of dedicated IT experts who will go the extra mile to make sure you do not have to.

Pursuing Perfection: Our Promise to You

Your needs are the driving force behind everything we do, and we are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for you. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your product and protecting your reputation. Our team takes the time to understand what matters most to you and applies that knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

Unlocking Success: How Investing in Our People Leads to Your Success.

We stay ahead of the curve so that you don't have to. Our team is always one step ahead, ready to provide you with expert advice and innovative solutions. When online services took over the market, we were there to guide our clients through the transition.

Building Lasting Relationships: Our Commitment to Caring for Our Partners.

We are dedicated to fostering trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with our highly exclusive and reliable network of clients. We believe that building strong partnerships is essential to achieving mutual success, and we work tirelessly to earn and maintain your trust. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do, and we are proud to serve our valued clients with the utmost integrity and professionalism

Our People are Our Priority: The Importance of Caring.

We understand that our employees are essential to our success. We prioritise their well-being and provide the care and attention they need to thrive. We believe that a happy and motivated team is the key to achieving great results, and we are committed to supporting our employees every step of the way.

The Power of Support: Giving and Receiving for Success.

Being responsive is essential to success, and we believe that support is the key to delivering exceptional results. That's why we prioritize support for our team, our clients, and you. We are committed to being here for you every step of the way, providing the assistance and guidance you need to achieve your goals. With our unwavering support, we can make it work for you

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Our Commitment to Empowering Our Clients.

Our success is directly tied to the success of our clients. That's why we are committed to helping our clients excel in every way possible. We are more than just a service provider - we are a reliable partner that you can depend on during uncertain times. With us by your side, you can feel confident knowing that we have your back and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

About us

At 8Entity, partnerships are crucial to success. We have forged connections with numerous projects and businesses across various domains. Our team takes great pride in specialising in the FinTech industry, where we have established ourselves as recognised experts in the Authentication & Authorization domain. But we don’t rest on our laurels – we’re always striving to expand our horizons, and in recent years we’ve added Blockchain domain expertise (R3 Corda) to our list of capabilities.

We understand that start-ups can face many challenges as they seek to bring their innovative products to market. That’s why we are passionate about supporting start-ups that have secured funding, guiding them through critical phases of development and helping them reach their goals. Our track record of success speaks for itself – we’ve helped numerous start-ups secure additional funding and achieve more tremendous success than they ever thought possible.

Our approach is rooted in the agile methodology, which allows us to be flexible, responsive, and efficient in our work. We bring a passion for innovation to every project we work on, and our commitment to providing comprehensive support means we’re with you every step of the way – from development and design to planning and scheduling and even ongoing support after delivery.

At 8Entity, we believe in building meaningful relationships with our clients and are committed to your success. So let us help you bring your vision to life and see what we can achieve together.

Customer Testimonials

"8Entity combines dedication with extensive knowledge to find the right people for the project based around personality, knowledge, and technical skills. With trust, hard-working ethic, and active communication through many channels 8Entity has delivered time and time again. The results speak for themselves.  Openness and flexibility result in a successful product.  The partnership with 8entity is at the root of why our products are successful."
Peter Delaney
BinariiLab : Head of Product 
I had an opportunity to lead an excellent, experienced, highly compassionate and dedicated 8Entity team. They consistently demonstrated a positive and "can do" attitude towards work. They quickly understood the technology stack and culture of the organisation and embedded themselves to work as "one team". The quality of their work has been instrumental in turning around some of the tight deadlines.
Yogesh Patel
Fintech: exCTO
I found out that 8Enity was working very closely to find the right people for my needs, their decision to the tailor-made team was fascinating. The team started work and in a couple of weeks, people were so engaged to understand my vision and set up a roadmap to deliver my product in the shortest time.The journey to identify and scope of PoC, MVP, MVP+, and version 1 of the product was very empowering and assuring that we are moving in the right direction.
Khaled Abu-Zied
Founder Of Crewingo

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