We are team of experts working together for you

We invest in SUPPORT and TRUST. Because We CARE. 

We offer more than mere consulting and act more than a body shop. Our team of experts specialised in FINTECH can guide you through the development process on an E2E journey

We help your business get things DONE!

Whether you are starting development from scratch, or already halfway through the process and need a helping hand or a nudge from an expert to get it over the line, our team of experts will help you build and ship your Products/Services.

Following our VISION to Build Long-term Relationships rather than be just another consultancy or “software body-shop”, we are equipped with experience, armed with proficiency and guided by responsibility. We are on a

MISSION to ensure Our Client’s Success

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We are industry leaders

Our team of experts

We bring you and your organization highly proficient TEAMS for successful E2E delivery of your Product

We provide teams representing EXCELLENCE in their skills and EXPERTISE that can contribute to your goals and targets.

  • We are NOT consultancy or a body shop. We ARE a Team of subject matter experts, specialised in Fintech Industry
  • Our team is fully integrable with the structure your business follows
  • Make us a key component of your team and see your success grow

Subject matter: Cyber security, Payments, Identity, Blockchain, Crypto, Micro-services, Machine learning, Java, Python, Tech Evangelist

What sets us apart?

We are not just consultants who stand by and take your order. We make sure that your vision becomes reality and take the extra step to show you any and all areas in which you can improve your target product. We consider this to be a sign of our devotion to delivering excellence through our team of dedicated IT experts who will go the extra mile to make sure you do not have to.

Striving to deliver you the best.

We prioritize your priorities! We care about your reputation and product achieving success! We see what matters to you and apply it to our team as they work for you. We see what matters to you the most and make it our driving force!

We care about our partners.

We are committed to building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships within our highly exclusive and reliable network of clients

We encourage our team to reach their best as they give back best to you.

As all fields of IT can change in a heartbeat, we embolden our team to be lockstep with the dynamic changes affecting fintech so they are always able to be one step ahead for you! When online services suddenly overtook the market, we were there for our clients to advise them on how to adapt.

We care about our people.

We view our employees as an integral asset to success and we provide them with the care and attention they need to succeed. 

It is all about giving and getting support.

Being responsive , has a direct meaningful impact on success and is crucial for delivery. That is why our business revolves around support. Support to our team. Support to our clients. Support to you. We are here every step of the way to make it work for you.

We push our clients to excel in their strengths and overcome their weaknessess.

Our team is only as successful as the clients we work with. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our clients excel. We act as a pillar that you can lean on in times of uncertainty knowing that we have your back.

About us

8Entity has been cooperating with numerous partners/projects across multiple domains. We proudly specialise in FinTech industry and we have been perceived experts in Authentication & Authorisation domain. In recent years we gathered a broad set of skills in BlockChain domain (R3 Corda) but we are determined to continue to learn and improve further. 

We focus on INNOVATIONS and Start Up that acquired funding: we support them during crucial phase to develop Product and reach goals. Based on what and how we do, we managed to help them get funding too.

We are being agile, while applying agile methodology. Practicing agile principles comes as a consequence of AGILE MINDSETS. We are flexible, responsive, adaptable and extremly efficient.

We provide support for all phases in PRODUCT delivery:

  • Development – Absolytely
  • Design – When do we start?
  • Planning & Scheduling – We can’t wait it!
  • Delivery, Guidance & Processes – Bring it on!


Don’t delay making a decision!

"8Entity combines dedication with extensive knowledge to find the right people for the project based around personality, knowledge, and technical skills. With trust, hard-working ethic, and active communication through many channels 8Entity has delivered time and time again. The results speak for themselves.  Openness and flexibility result in a successful product.  The partnership with 8entity is at the root of why our products are successful."

Peter Delaney
BinariiLab : Head of Product 
I had an opportunity to lead an excellent, experienced, highly compassionate and dedicated 8Entity team. They consistently demonstrated a positive and "can do" attitude towards work. They quickly understood the technology stack and culture of the organisation and embedded themselves to work as "one team". The quality of their work has been instrumental in turning around some of the tight deadlines.

Yogesh Patel
Fintech: exCTO
I found out that 8Enity was working very closely to find the right people for my needs, their decision to the tailor-made team was fascinating. The team started work and in a couple of weeks, people were so engaged to understand my vision and set up a roadmap to deliver my product in the shortest time.The journey to identify and scope of PoC, MVP, MVP+, and version 1 of the product was very empowering and assuring that we are moving in the right direction.
Khaled Abu-Zied
Founder Of Crewingo

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